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Where the Wild Things Play offers a specially designed program to enable your child to develop their incredible potential!


Request enrollment by sending us a message using the contact button. Please include your child's name, age, requested schedule and anticipated start date. 


**Enrollment is not guaranteed until you have met with a Director and paid the registration fee. 


Program Description

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Infant Program
Ages 6 weeks – 2 years

Our infant program encourages continuous learning and growth experiences. We are committed to providing a safe and caring atmosphere in which children can explore and learn. We take pride in developing an age-appropriate curriculum that corresponds to each child's development. Young children learn through play and need to be provided with many varied opportunities to explore and experiment with concepts through age-appropriate activities in their natural environment, through play and active learning. Learning areas such as tummy time, soft blocks, art, dramatic play, and others provide a learning environment to stimulate the child. Our activities promote optimal physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development while teaching respect for oneself and others and building positive self-esteem.

Preschool Program
Ages 2 – 5 years

Our Preschool Program is committed to providing a creative, high-quality developmentally appropriate curriculum that affords the teacher and children the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the learning process while engaging in creative integrated hands-on learning activities that encompass the whole child. Where the Wild Things Play’s curriculum is based on the Reggio Emelia philosophy that young children learn best in an environment that affords them the opportunity to explore, discover, and enjoy the learning process. Our curriculum is based upon the belief that children need to experience child-directed and teacher-directed activities each day through an integrated curriculum. Children learn best if they have the experience in a variety of ways. We provide the basic learning areas of; dramatic play, art, math, science, language, and quiet areas to help children with self-directed choices. Children learn to take turns, share and develop healthy social relationships.  Children are exposed to the world through activities and lessons that are age-appropriate and planned weekly. By offering a multi-age classroom, the children learn to work together, being mentored and as a mentor.  Lesson plans are approved by site Directors for appropriateness but may change based on the varying interests of the children.

Program Overview

Where the Wild Things Play offers a specially designed program to enable your child to develop their incredible potential!  Our class sizes are small to ensure more individual attention. Children are grouped by age and developmental ability during the day to offer a more specialized program. We are composed of professional staff, trained in early childhood education, and committed to providing a quality program for your child. Where the Wild Things Play offers year-round, full-time and part-time programs. We do not offer a half-day program at this time.  For parents’ convenience, we are open from 7:00 am – 5:30 pm.

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