Please visit us by appointment during our business hours at 2551 Pleasant Hill Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. We can be reached Monday-Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm.

Where Imagination Runs Wild!

Where the Wild Things Play offers a play based curriculum with an academic component that focuses on whole-child development. We run a child directed program where children learn through hands on activities that capture the child's unique interests. We strive to nurture the child in a stimulating environment that fosters creativity and self-esteem. We lean toward the teachings of the Reggio Emilia approach where teachers observe the spontaneous curiosity of their students, and then guide them to create projects that reflect their pursuits. Children are expected to learn through mistakes rather than correction, as they are considered equal learners. We emphasize creativity, artistic representation and a co-operative approach to learning. We follow a standard daily routine but allow for variances in the time to allow the children to freely explore the environment and learn at a comfortable pace.

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